Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CPT Coding Revision of Pocket of Port-A-Cath

Coding Question.

Question: This 53-year-old female is having endometrial carcinoma and undergoing chemotherapy through Port-A-Cath. Her left anterior chest port was partially exposed; therefore preservation by revision was recommended. After infiltrating with Xylocaine, skin incision was done and the port was exposed completely. The capsule surrounding it was excised and a new pocket was developed and the port was secured to the chest wall in its new pocket. Can we code it to 36576?

Answer: No, code 17999. We cannot code 36576, because no repair is done to the catheter. He is doing only revision of the subcutaneous pocket of port. So, it comes under skin and integumentary section of the CPT and; since we do not have any code which describes subcutaneous pocket revision, code it with unlisted 17999. You might need to submit an additional report/information.

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