Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sample Medical Coding Scenarios

1.     A patient was admitted with congestive heart failure and unstable angina. The unstable angina was treated with nitrates, and IV Lasix was administered to manage the heart failure. Both conditions improved, and the patient was discharged to be followed on an outpatient basis.

2.     A patient was admitted with occlusion of the carotid artery, and carotid endarterectomy was carried out with extracorporeal circulation used throughout the procedure.

3.     A patient was admitted with severe abdominal pain that began yesterday and progressed in severity.     Gastroscopy revealed an acute gastric ulcer, but no signs of hemorrhage or malignancy were noted.

4.     A patient with bilateral conductive sensorinueral hearing loss was admitted for right ear cochlear implantation. A multiple-channel implant was inserted, and the patient was discharged home.

5.     A patient was admitted with a diagnosis of significant atherosclerotic heart disease and the patient was advised to undergo bypass surgery. The surgery was carried out as follows: Reverse saphenous vein grafts were brought from the aorta to the obtuse marginal and the right coronary artery; the internal mammary artery was loosened and brought down to the left anterior descending artery to bypass the obstruction. The gastroepiploic artery was used to bypass the circumflex. Extracorporeal circulation and intraoperative pacemaker were used during the procedure.

1. 428.0 and 411.1 (CHF is having higher DRG value.)
2. 433.10. 38.10 and 00.40 (need to code number of vessels treated along with endarterectomy code 38.10)
3. 433.10 and 44.13
4. 389.22 and 20.98
5. 414.01, 36.12, 36.16, 39.61 and 39.64.

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